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Old Fashioned Flapjacks – Recipe Review

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First of all: these flapjacks are awesome. Delicious, golden and crisp exterior with a light and fluffy centre. I found them on Genius Kitchen years ago (it was just called Food then). Sweet but not sickly, these have since become our go – to pancake recipe. Try them!

The flapjacks that I made

But I have made one or two changes. First of all, where the recipe says to use 4 tbsp sugar, I found that was too sweet; 3 or 2 tbsp is sufficient, although those with a sweet tooth might like to try the original four. And as we don’t have a griddle, I just made these in a frying pan – I put a little butter into the pan, heated it and cooked the flapjacks. It’s best to cook a thick mixture like this on a low temperature, because when cooked fast on a high heat they tend to cook unevenly, resulting in a burnt outer layer and raw inside. Also, when adding the wet ingredients to the dry, I find that the butter is less likely to set up if you add the mixed egg and milk first, beat a little, then add the melted butter. This strategy can be put to use in any recipe where the wet ingredients contain cold milk and melted butter, such as my Wholewheat Pancake Recipe.

I hope these tips have been helpful, and you enjoy making these flapjacks! They are perfect as a special breakfast or teatime treat. I love them topped with melting butter and maple syrup or honey. For an even more special spin, add some blueberries or chocolate chips to the mixture before cooking. Yum! 😀


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