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Choc-Citrus Volcano in a Mug

Chocoholics, do you want to read on?

I’m warning you.

If you read this recipe, and make this mug cake, you will be trapped in the gooey, dark-chocolateyness, melt-in-your mouth fudgy mousse-like hot lemon delight. And you will find you simply HAVE to make another. And another. And ano… You get the idea. This cake is addictive. Don’t say you weren’t warned!


I got the idea from the Woolworths magazine Taste, which featured a lemon curd lava pudding – fans of sublime gooey choc-delight, this one’s for you! Far from overwhelming the chocolate, the lemon curd mingles with it and gives delicious citrus accents. After making the puddings I found there was still leftover lemon curd, so I decided to use it in a mini microwave recreation of the original citrus-chocolate pudding. Unlike most mug cakes, which contain egg, this one has no eggs in it except those in the lemon curd, so unlike the usual fluffy, spongy mug cake this is more akin to a ‘mug brownie’ except that it has no hard crust. So, fans of lava puddings, next time you have lemon curd freeze it and give this a try – you won’t regret it! Another take on this would be to use frozen Nutella or a block of chocolate for the centre. I haven’t tried that yet; if you do, be sure to comment and tell me how it worked. šŸ˜‰

So here is the recipe:


2 tbsp self-raising flour
1 tbsp castor sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
1 1/2 tbsp butter
11/2 tbsp milk
1 block frozen lemon curd
Few drops orange essence (optional)
1 tbsp milk choc chips


Mix all ingredients except lemon curd together in a microwave-safe mug. Add lemon curd and push with spoon/fork until it sinks to the bottom. Scoop some more mixture over it and microwave on high for 1-2 minutes – microwave times will vary, mine took 1 1/2 minutes. The sides should be cooked but the middle still a bit gooey. Top with a splash of cream, serve, and enjoy!





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